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Sibelius sculpture from under, Sibelius Park, Helsinki

My trip to Helsinki – travel photography

Helsinki, Finland is a great place on earth and with many interesting locations for photography or just wonderful experiences. Maybe even a bit exotic…? Read and see my images here.

Funny way of distributing tasks

Risky job! – Why I love this photograph

Sometimes I’m lucky when a scene reveals itself in front of me. I was walking from my apartment i Kristiansand (Norway) to the city center when this situation appeared …

One day you meet someone you can trust

Olympus Workshop

Yesterday I was invited to a workshop with Olympus, Japan Photo, Profoto, street photographer Trond Lindholm, photographer Dag Spant and fashion photographer/artist Svein Bringsdal. Read more in my blog.


Colorful New York

New York is my favorite place for street photography. This is from my last business trip there. Se my image gallery images …

Photographer Knut Arne Gjertsen

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