Month: October 2016

Visit to Barentsburg, Spitsbergen – travel photography

In 2012 I had the opportunity to sail around Svalbard (Spitsbergen).  A fabulous experience in all aspects. At the end of the trip we stopped for a day in Barentsburg .

Barentsburg (Russian: Баренцбург) is the second-largest settlement on Svalbard, with about 500 inhabitants (2007), almost entirely Russians and Ukrainians. It is a coal mining settlement and the site of the Barentsburg Pomor Museum.












The school in Barentsburg
The school in Barentsburg


The hotel in Barentsburg
The hotel in Barentsburg


This Stele was erected in 1974 by the Trust Arcticugol team to mark the commissioning of Spitsbergen's first multi-storey residential building and world's Northernmost skyscraper. The text on the Stele is Our aim ( purpose) is Communism.
This Stele was erected in 1974 by the Trust Arcticugol team to mark the commissioning of Spitsbergen’s first multi-storey residential building and world’s Northernmost skyscraper. The text on the Stele is Our aim ( purpose) is Communism.


Thanks majors office in Barentsburg
Thanks majors office in Barentsburg


The major in Barentsburg
The major in Barentsburg










Kim Larsen

Kim Larsen in Concert – event photography

Summer 2016 I attended Ravedalen Live in Kristiansand Norway. It was a fantastic summerday and one of my old favorites was the main attraction – Kim Larsen. You know, the danish old-timer who had many hits like “This is my life”. His music and Lyrics has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. The tickets was bought before christmas and I’d been looking forward to this event for many months. My camera and I was ready for the event.

The first image shows Kim Larsen in a posture typical for him – singing out loud and his big mouth. He is getting older and needed a chair, but that did not hold back his energy. The crowd was extatic, singing along and filming with their smartphones. The band Kim larsen & Kjukken added great sound and rythm to the great lyrics, and the stage had great lighting.

I captured theese images handheld with my Nikon D610 with Tamron 24-70 mm at ISO 1000. What a concert, what an opportunity to shot and… Wow! What a night!

You can see more images from this and other concerts in my portfolio. Check out the Youtube-video from  in this post too.


Kim Larsen
Kim Larsen


Kim Larsen
The crowd was extatic and singing along …


Kim Larsen
The band  – Kim Larsen & Kjukken


Kim Larsen
Kim Larsen & Kjukken


Live recording on Youtube of “This Is My Life” from the album “En Lille Pose Støj”

[arve url=”” title=”Kim Larsen & Kjukken – This Is My Life” description=”Live recording of “This Is My Life” from the album “En Lille Pose Støj”” upload_date=”2016-09-14″]

Gina and Kristians wedding | Stavanger, Norway

The lovely couple Gina and Kristian were married 24. September 2016 in Stavanger Cathedral, Norway. I’m not much into wedding photography, but I turned into a wedding photographer for a while since my niece asked. After sweating over delayed luggage, I had to buy a new suit. The luggage arrived though, one hour before the beautiful ceremony, and I could jump into my tux just in time.

I luckily arrived the cathedral before the bride and captured Kristian waiting for Gina. He was a bit nervous. Who wouldn’t be!? The priest was a fairly short woman whilst Gina and Kristian are tall people. So, it was quite satisfying to preserve the beautiful moment. Once the ceremony was over the newly married couple stopped on their way out to say hi to a cute little man.

I adore the time after the ceremony when the guests, the bride and groom mingle for the first time. The celebrations continued in a barn refurbished for the purpose. It’s located in Hafrsfjord – just outside Stavanger. They had arranged a wonderful dinner with speeches and of course the obligatory dance. I was told it was a late night (early morning actually) for some of the guests.

Below is a selection of my favorite wedding photos. Not exactly portrait photography. As may have noticed, I’ve used some of my street photography skills. I really hope you enjoy them. Don’t hesitate to comment below and please feel free to share on social media (it really helps me out!)


Waiting for the bride ...
Waiting for the bride …


The ceremony


Hi little baby


Congratulations son in law


Kiss kiss, little man


Bye bye, I’m heading for the photoshoot


Man and wife


Oh oh! Trouble down under




Got ya!


Dance dance dance


Partying all night having great fun!

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Entrepeneur decorate cars with my image

As the title indicates, a local company plan to decorate their cars with one of my images. They have bougt the rights to use it. I’m really exited to see the final result when their cars are ready with new decor. I think the cars will be stylish and leave a clear message about quality, creativity and local affiliation. Great branding Blender!

Why I like this picture

You can see the original image here. Captured in Drammen already in 2012. It’s the railway bridge crossing Drammen river. I spent some time waiting for the sun to break through the haze. It was springtime, and the low morning sun over a hazy river was a perfect opportunity. It was very quiet and the river opened for nice reflections in the water.

I love how this image turned out. For the more technically minded; I metered specifically for the light and quite wide angle (26 mm) on my previous camera – the Nikon D5100 with a kit-lens. I really like the scale of the image and of course the subtle colours in it. I hope you love this picture too.


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