Entrepeneur decorate cars with my image

As the title indicates, a local company plan to decorate their cars with one of my images. They have bougt the rights to use it. I’m really exited to see the final result when their cars are ready with new decor. I think the cars will be stylish and leave a clear message about quality, creativity and local affiliation. Great branding Blender!

Why I like this picture

You can see the original image here. Captured in Drammen already in 2012. It’s the railway bridge crossing Drammen river. I spent some time waiting for the sun to break through the haze. It was springtime, and the low morning sun over a hazy river was a perfect opportunity. It was very quiet and the river opened for nice reflections in the water.

I love how this image turned out. For the more technically minded; I metered specifically for the light and quite wide angle (26 mm) on my previous camera – the Nikon D5100 with a kit-lens. I really like the scale of the image and of course the subtle colours in it. I hope you love this picture too.


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