The Oculus
The Oculus | New York 2016

Stalkers – Why I love this photo

I visited New York city summer 2016.  I was about to exit The Oculus building when I saw this opportunity. The three young people came down the escalator at the time I entered. I turned around and captured this situation. To me it seems like the two guys were following the young woman. But maybe not.. ?

“Photograph the world as it is. Nothing’s more interesting than reality.” –  Mary Ellen Mark

Anyways, I shot this handheld from the moving escalator with my Nikon d610 and the Tamron 24-70 mm lens. Because of the bright tones and nice light, I could over expose just a tad to make this high key photo.

If you want to see more in this series,  please go to Why I love this picture. You’ll also find more of my work in the portfolio.


  1. Great photo, and story… 🙂 I love the futuristic pureness of the image, and they do seem like a unit of 3, out for adventures..and still so adult and no nonsense- like.. It is all in such good taste and so un-kitschy I could cry..from happiness. 🙂

    • Thank you Ms for sharing your nice comment. I really appreciate all comments. It’s a huge part of how I grow as a photographer. I try to make images that convey a story – about people. Happy festive season!

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