Month: April 2017

Durrës | Albania 2017

Street photography

Street photography is one of my passions. To me it’s a great challenge and most of all I’ve become an avid observer. Which of course is necessary if you want to capture the decisive moment.

I shot this when I was on a business trip to Durrës in Albania. Strong back light also opened the opportunity to capture the silhouette AND the shadow of the man. I used my Sony RX100V – a great companion when travelling light.

More street photography in my portfolio.


Pier | Durrës 2017

I’m sooo ready!

I lucky living in the northern hemisphere having four distinct seasons. That’s four changes every year. Every one of them makes me wait for – long for – the next season.

After winter, spring is really tempting. The slow rise in temperature and increasing length of day makes me feel giddy, happy, restless and desirous for more sun, warmer and longer days. I’m really ready for that!

This is from my visit to Albania. Spring was already there and reminded me of what is coming to me now. Happy dance!

Broken rod | Durrës 2017


I captured this image of an art installation in Durrës, Albania. I don’t know if the rod is broken intentionally. Maybe it’s vandalized during the bad times. Anyway, to me it symbolizes the situation there. It’s a poor country struggling to overcome the past. Many dreams are broken.

Kristiansand in antique palette | Norway 2017

Kristiansand in Antique palette

The Easter holidays tempted me to spend some time with my camera and post processing. Kritiansand is a small city in the far south of Norway – the place where I was born. I shot these photographs with my travelling camera – the Sony RX100M5.


Kristiansand in antique palette | Norway 2017
Kristiansand in antique palette | Norway 2017


I did the post processing in Lightroom and the Silver Efex Pro from Googles Nik Collection.

Kristiansand in antique palette | Norway 2017
Contrasts | Kristiansand, Norway 2017
Silhouettes | Albania 2017

Albanian silhouettes

Complexity is the enemy of clarity. Silhouettes are a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood to the viewers. Mostly because of the combination of their simplicity but also the story that they convey. I photographed these when I visited Albania some weeks ago.

Silhouettes | Albania 2017
Silhouettes | Albania 2017


Silhouettes don’t give you of a clear picture of everything, but leave part of the image up to your imagination to wonder about.

Silhouettes | Albania 2017
Silhouettes | Albania 2017


The basic knowledge you need to achieve this, is to place your subject in front of some source of light and set exposure based on the brightest part of the picture. That should be the background.

Silhouettes | Albania 2017
Silhouettes | Albania 2017
Fishermen | Durrës, Albania 2017

Albanian fishermen – Why I love this picture

Early morning in Durrës, Albania. It was just a BLUEtiful moment. The two fishermen in their (?) blue padling boat working for food on their table.

The padling boat is probably leftovers from a time when tourists was good business there.

I shot this handel with the camera I always use when travelling –  Sony RX100M5.

You can see more of my favorites in my portfolio.