Knabben | Krokstadelva 2017


I didn’t have to go far to see this impressing juxtaposition; wonderful nature and man-made constructions in the same view. This great vantage point is not far from my home – and it’s called Knabben.

This vulnerable Pine tree has its “toes” in some crevices, struggling to fight the powers of mother nature. From the vantage point one can see Drammen – a mid-sized city in Norway and Oslo fjord in the background.

Captured handheld in the low evening sun with my Sony X100M5.


  1. Hahaha! OK 🙂 But mind you that “cracks” was also right. Honest 😉
    Btw, taking advantage of the occasion, may I kindly ask you -as I’m doing with all my online contacts- to call me just Li ? … Linus sounds to me too masculine lately, as I’m growingly disclosing my feminine part -which is not and has never been a tiny part 🙂

    • No problem Li 🙂 I actually don’t where I got it from. Surely online somewhere … Have a great evening. Your turquoise blue pictures on your latest post is awesome – congrats!

      • Oh, you probably took it from my own blog, since Linus is my true name, and I used it… It happens that I do not feel comfortable with it anymore :/
        About the pictures: I appreciate a lot your feedback (not as much for the pics themselves, technically, but for what they represent). It matters much to me now, when I’m entering unknown territory! Moreover, I edited them this way, in part, out of shyness of showing my true skin in true colours and high definition…
        Thank you, Knut !!

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