Photographer at sunrise | Spain 2011

Silhouette at sunrise

Shooting silhouettes is one of my interests. My vacation home is situated on the east coast of Spain, a perfect location for combining sunrise and silhouette shots. I captured this picture a long time ago, but I often come back to it.

That morning another photographer had the same purpose for his morning activity: Photographing. At that time I had my first DSLR; Nikon D5100. A great companion for many years. This image is shot handheld with ISO 400, 1/100 sec and F5,6.

3 tips when shooting silhouettes:

  1. Concentrate on the shape of your subject – look for details.
  2. Avoid wind blurring trees, leafs, flags etc.
  3. Seek for open space
  4. Expose for the back light.

If you have another tip for photographing silhouettes, please share it by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


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