Captured in Tarragona at sunset on a Saturday festivity

Street photography

I have always been intrigued by street photography. It was some time after I started shooting pictures that I started to shoot people going about their daily routine.

I believe in no interaction with the subjects. That’s why I shoot candid. It’s all about people being people. My interest is to observe and preserve precious moments. I mean to observe the events unfolding and preserve them in a picture. I don’t want to manipulate, orchestrate or intervene. Images can be made in split seconds. By that, I don’t mean “staged”. A situation where a moment is unfolding can be captured in a powerful image. I believe that it is about the story I’m able to convey.

In my portfolio you can see more of my street photography. And also many of my street photography posts can give you an overview of my work so far.

I am not an expert on street photography, but if you want to shoot and capture life as it happens all you have to do is  to take a stroll and shoot what ever catches your interest. I have not had any bad experiences shooing candid in any country.

I’d love to read your comments in the comments section below and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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