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Risin and Kellingin are two sea stacks just off the northern coast of the island of Eysturoy in the Faroe Islands close to the town of Eiði. The name Risin og Kellingin means The Giant and the Witch (or Hag) and relates to an old legend about their origins. The Giant (Risin) is the 71m stack further from the coast, and the witch (Kellingin) is the 68m pointed stack nearer land, standing with her legs apart. | Tjørnuvik Faroe Island 2018

Tjørnuvik – my visit to The Faroe Islands | Gjertsen Photography

Tjørnuvík is a village in the Faroe Islands. The village is furthest north of Streymoy, surrounded by mountains, with a good view of Risin and Kellingin. Tjørnuvík is considered among the oldest villages in the Faroe Islands and has about 53 inhabitants.


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I visited the Faroe Islands in August 2018 and that was a fabulous experience for a photographer. I these post you can read more about other great photo locations in the Faroe Islands. Saksun is an exotic remote hillside village and a photographers hotspot. Bøur has motifs known on many paintings and photographs. Sørvágsvatn is perched hundreds of feet above the ocean and it tilts outwards – but this is actually an optical illusion. And nearby you’ll also find the beautiful Bøsdalafossur. Gásadalur village is located in the west of Vágar Island and it is a natural beauty that is tucked between lush green fields and soaring rocky mountains.


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