Faroe Islands | 2018

Bøur – Visit Faroe Islands

Bøur is a village in the Faroe Islands with a population of 75. It has views over the sea and the rocky islet Tindhólmur with its many peaks, Gáshólmur and the two “drangar”, (tall, pointed clifftops sticking up from the sea). This motif is known on many paintings and photographs. The old houses in the village are bunched together with narrow lanes between them.

Feel free to click on image to see larger versions and the opportunity to comment on each photograph.

I visited the Faroe Islands in August 2018 and that was a fabulous experience for a photographer. I these post you can read more about other great photo locations in the Faroe Islands. Saksun is an exotic remote hillside village and a photographers hotspot. Tjørnuvík is a village with a good view of Risin and Kellingin – a great photo location for landscape photographers.




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