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Winding road in Nordradalur | Faroe Islands 2018

Nordradalur – my visit to Faroe Islands | Gjertsen Photography

The road down the steep hillside towards the settlement of Norðradalur on the island of Streymoy, Faroe Islands. Norðradalur is a village on the western coast and lies in a large valley surrounded be steep cliffs and the ocean, with a beautiful view over Koltur.



I visited the Faroe Islands in August 2018 and that was a fabulous experience for a photographer. I these post you can read more about other great photo locations in the Faroe Islands. Tjørnuvík is a village with a good view of Risin and Kellingin – a great photo location for landscape photographers. Bøur has motifs known on many paintings and photographs. Saksun is a village in a natural amphitheatre high above a tidal lagoon.  Gasadalur village is located in the west of Vagar Island and it is a natural beauty that is tucked between lush green fields and soaring rocky mountains. Velbastaður has a beautiful view across the strait Hestsfjørður towards the islands of Hestur and Koltur.

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