Author: Knut Arne Gjertsen

Trekking in Aurlandsdalen, Norway

The Aurlandsdalen can take your breath away, with the extreme wildness of the river that dug through the landscape and the stunning view over the fjord far down there.

Aurlandsdalen is a long, steep and beautiful valley located in Sogn og Fjordane. The entire valley extends 40 km from Geiteryggen to Vassbygdi. For several centuries, traders have traded here between the markets in Sogn and Hallingdalen, in a good company with farmers, stewards and one and another bachelor in friery.

Hiking in summer warm mountains in Norway

This is Hallingskarvet national park. The snow never disappear in summer. Constant water from meting snow results in a lush landscapes contrasting with the white snow. Check out this photo gallery.

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Arctic springtime

The featured image conveys Norwegian Mapping Authority’s Earth observatory. It’s situated by the Brandal Lagoon in Kings Bay. Close to the northernmost permanent settlement in the world – Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard. Se the map below for further orientation.