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Arctic springtime

The featured image conveys Norwegian Mapping Authority’s Earth observatory. It’s situated by the Brandal Lagoon in Kings Bay. Close to the northernmost permanent settlement in the world – Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard. Se the map below for further orientation.




Flying over snowy Svalbard

Flying from Longyearbyen to New Ålesund is not for everyone. Because of my job, I have the opportunity. These arctic landscaper are so wonderful with the Nordic light and snowy mountains.


Don’t know where Svalbard is or how far north the islands are positioned on our globe? Check out this map.

Flying over Svalbard

Travelling to Svalbard (or Spitsbergen if you know that name better) is an exotic adventure. I had the opportunity again in June this year. I had the perfect seating in the little airplane, and the camera was active most of the flight. So, there are more images coming the next weeks.