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Growing as a photographer | Gjertsen Photography

Finally back on my track as a photographer. It’s been a wild period with a lot of work. Now, I enjoy some vacation and to spend time on my favorite activity: Photography

So, I’ve spent some time on 1x.com. And there is a critique service if you subscribe on the right plan. And wow! A real kick-starter for honing my skills. Check out these results:

SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

I want to show the contrasts in arctic springtime with this image. When snow and upper layer of permafrost melts, colors appear on the ground contrasting against a more winterly background. The reindeer was a bonus wandering into my frame while composing – yay!

This is how my camera captured the image without any post processing:

Arctic landscape with reindeer | Ny-Ålesund 2018 (SOOC – Straight out of camera)

First critique

Calin Hanchevici gave me some advices (in short):  Crop the image removing the snow, more contrast to make the deer pop and more details in the clouds. Here is my result after trying out his suggestions:

Arctic landscape with reindeer | Ny-Ålesund 2018

Second critique

Greg Barsh gave me these suggestions (also in short): Stick mostly to lightroom and use Photoshot when power is needed, add strcture and clarity to the sky, extend the lower dynamic range and open shadows, add some subtle vignetting. This is what I got out of his advice:

Arctic landscape with reindeer | Ny-Ålesund 2018

Last critique

Finally Steven T guided me into another world of composition and editing in Photoshop. A pano! And i Must say I love this one to!

Arctic landscape with reindeer | Ny-Ålesund 2018

So, what do you think? Which one do you think i better? Share your opinion in the comments section below.