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Awesome boat ride


Check out this awesome boat ride in perfect arctic conditions! Once in an lifetime experience! Captured in Kings Bay, Svalbard, Norway. Near the northernmost permanent settlement in the world – Ny-Ålesund.

You can see another boat ride here:

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Oscar II land og James I land.

Arctic light

Travelling to Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, we flew over Oscar II land and James I land From Longyearbyen. The image above is captured through the window of the airplane. Ny-Ålesund is situated in Kings Bay, and it’s the northernmost permanent settlement in the world.

The arctic light is very special there. It is not only the northern lights, it’s diffuse light with pastel colors. This happens because of the low sun and reflections from ice and snow. Depending an the season it has a blue(ish) or red(ish) cast. These are captured in beginning of June and with a lot of blue cast.

Brøgger glaciers
Brøgger glaciers with the new Earth Observatory of The Norwegian Mapping Authority in the left bottom corner


The Earth observatory on Brandal Point in front of the mountain called Trehyrningen.

Silhouette at sunrise

Shooting silhouettes is one of my interests. My vacation home is situated on the east coast of Spain, a perfect location for combining sunrise and silhouette shots. I captured this picture a long time ago, but I often come back to it.

That morning another photographer had the same purpose for his morning activity: Photographing. At that time I had my first DSLR; Nikon D5100. A great companion for many years. This image is shot handheld with ISO 400, 1/100 sec and F5,6.

3 tips when shooting silhouettes:

  1. Concentrate on the shape of your subject – look for details.
  2. Avoid wind blurring trees, leafs, flags etc.
  3. Seek for open space
  4. Expose for the back light.

If you have another tip for photographing silhouettes, please share it by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

Knabben | Krokstadelva 2017


I didn’t have to go far to see this impressing juxtaposition; wonderful nature and man-made constructions in the same view. This great vantage point is not far from my home – and it’s called Knabben.

This vulnerable Pine tree has its “toes” in some crevices, struggling to fight the powers of mother nature. From the vantage point one can see Drammen – a mid-sized city in Norway and Oslo fjord in the background.

Captured handheld in the low evening sun with my Sony X100M5.

Why I love this picture – Misty winter morning

Another look at one of my images from earlier days. This time, an image from February 2012. This was a crispy cold Sunday morning. Minus 9 degrees centigrade at Krokstadelva, Norway. The river was still open and created this wonderful mood.

I know it’s a long time since I shot, this. But it is one of my favorites. I had a very tranquil time when shooting this. It was early Sunday morning with no traffic. And with the snow it was totally silence. So, I nearly had a Zen-moment.

I used my Nikon D5100 with the 18-55 mm kit-lens on a tripod. Exposure: 1/8 sec at f8 and ISO200. If you’re interested in more from my moments from monochrome landscapes, please go to my portfolio.


The tree of silence bears the fruits of peace. – Arab proverb

From the tree of silence hands the fruit of tranquility. – Peruvian proverb

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