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This category is all about my own self-indulgence. I’ll be talking about pictures that I really love, how I shot them, why I shot them. Maybe even some editing explanation and camera technique too. Why I really LOVE these photographs.

Moscow 2016

Can’t take my eyes from you – Why I love this picture

I was on a business trip to Moscow visiting Rosreestr – the Russian mapping authority – in spring 2016. Before returning to Norway I had the opportunity to have two guides showing me the underground stations of Moscow – Olga and Ania. These places are just amazing!

Anyway, when exiting the station called Arbatskaya, Ania entered the escalator before me. I noticed this man staring at Ania, and he obviously couldn’t stop. My camera was as always at hand and I was able to preserve this wonderful decisive moment. And on the top of all – one would think that Lenin is back! See the resemblance?

It is not in my interest to make moments happen, I simply want to photograph them. It’s all about people….being people. I believe passionately that it is about the story I convey. It’s about the interaction, but most of all the moment. And i love it when I’m able to preserve precious moments like this one. You can see more of my best shots in my portfolio.

I shot this photograph handheld with my Nikon D610 and the Tamron 24 – 70 mm. If you like this post, please feel free to comment or like below.

Risky job! – Why I love this photograph

Sometimes I’m lucky when a scene reveals itself in front of me. I was walking from my apartment i Kristiansand (Norway) to the city center to do some shopping with my wife and daughter when this situation appeared in front of us. My camera was as usual at hand, I stopped for a short moment to preserve this decisive moment. My wife and daughter appeared in the frame, so I had to correct for that before clicking.

To me it has become more and more important to capture moments “as it happens”, no orchestrating or subjects knowing that I’m shooting. The image has a little bit of humor conveying risky work and quite relaxed assistants. I just love that scene! What do you think? I got a great smile when I processed it, and I hope it makes you smile too. Please feel free to share your comment or liking below.

I shot this handheld with my Nikon D610 and Tamron 24-70 mm lens. Post- processed in Adobe Lightroom. More images to see in my portfolio.

Saturday night in Tarragona

Saturday night in Tarragona – Why I love this picture

We spent our holiday as usual in Spain in the summer 2014. For a change we went on a road trip northwards along the east coast of Spain. After some days we stopped for a day in Tarragona – a port city located in northeast Spain by the Mediterranean Sea. It was Saturday and there was a lot of people out enjoying the hot summernight on Mediterranean Balcony – a famous point with a great view of the Mediterranean and a place where people meet. Tourists as well as locals.

I love to observe people enjoying themselves. This was a wonderful occasion. Lots of people came to view the sunset, shoot a selfie or just relax.

It was when the young family came and sat down on the pavement in the very low sun, I had this perfect opportunity. I was sitting in an outdoor restaurant observing with my cam ready. I dialed in exposure for the sunlit area and preserved this nice moment. My eyes still wander around in the image: The couple taking selfies, silhouettes of people watching the ocean, the kid climbing the pavement, and the couple sitting on the pavement and relaxing with a bottle of water.

I used my Nikon D610 Tamron 24-70 mm lens. 1/160 sec at f6.3 and ISO100.

Entrepeneur decorate cars with my image

As the title indicates, a local company plan to decorate their cars with one of my images. They have bougt the rights to use it. I’m really exited to see the final result when their cars are ready with new decor. I think the cars will be stylish and leave a clear message about quality, creativity and local affiliation. Great branding Blender!

Why I like this picture

You can see the original image here. Captured in Drammen already in 2012. It’s the railway bridge crossing Drammen river. I spent some time waiting for the sun to break through the haze. It was springtime, and the low morning sun over a hazy river was a perfect opportunity. It was very quiet and the river opened for nice reflections in the water.

I love how this image turned out. For the more technically minded; I metered specifically for the light and quite wide angle (26 mm) on my previous camera – the Nikon D5100 with a kit-lens. I really like the scale of the image and of course the subtle colours in it. I hope you love this picture too.


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